Sibylle M. Clark is an attorney with Montgomery Little & Soran, P.C. Her practice focuses on family law, criminal defense, and litigation. As a trial lawyer and a former prosecutor, Ms. Clark knows that you need an advocate, an expert advisor on the law, a strategist, a negotiator, and a litigator to obtain the most favorable outcome in your case. There is no substitute for an attorney who has invaluable trial experience in the courtroom. As a prior deputy district attorney in La Plata, Douglas, and El Paso County, Ms. Clark is an experienced and skillful trial attorney. She has 23 years of litigation experience as a family law attorney, a deputy district attorney, and defense counsel.

Ms. Clark joined Montgomery Little & Soran, P.C. in the spring of 2021. Ms. Clark strongly believes that thinking of “outside the box” solutions for her family law clients can often be the best way forward for a family struggling through the emotional and challenging process of dissolution. She structures settlements to meet her diverse clients’ needs. Ms. Clark handles dissolution of marriage and legal separation actions, including the division of property and debts, maintenance, and any child-related matters such as decision making, parenting time, child support, and relocation; post-decree modification of parenting time and child support; and enforcement of orders by contempt or execution of judgments.

Ms. Clark has tried more than 140 jury trials to include First and Second Degree Homicide, Attempted First and Second Degree Homicide, Armed Robbery, First, Second and Third Degree Burglary, First, Second and Third Degree Assault (Crime of Violence and Domestic Violence), Vehicular Homicide, Kidnapping, Adult Sex Assault, Sex Assault on Children, Position of Trust, Child Abuse, Cultivation and Possession of Marijuana, Crimes against the Elderly and other “at-risk” Victims, as well as DUI/DWAI cases.

Ms. Clark is originally from Biloxi, MS, and is fluent in German. Ms. Clark earned her undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture from Mississippi State University and her law degree from Western Michigan University, Cooley Law School, Lansing, Michigan. Ms. Clark is a member of the Colorado Bar Association, Arapahoe Bar Association, and the Douglas and Elbert County Bar Associations. Ms. Clark is licensed to practice law in Colorado, Montana, and Michigan.