Family Law

Family Law

Montgomery Little & Soran recognizes that practicing in the field of domestic relations demands a high level of professionalism and expertise in a number of disciplines extending far beyond basic procedures for dissolving a marriage. Family law has become as complex as the relationships it attempts to govern. Representing a client in a moderately complex dissolution action requires more than knowledge of how to fill out and file forms.

The dissolution of a marriage, like the dissolution of a corporation, requires negotiation of an acceptable property division, which in turn requires an understanding of potential tax, economic, social and familial consequences. Often child custody issues, economic assessments of the value of marital and nonmarital property, tax ramifications associated with the division and distribution of property, and apportionment and preservation of pension and retirement plans must be addressed and resolved.

The attorneys at Montgomery Little & Soran who devote their practices to family law have considerable experience with all aspects of family law. This experience includes extensive deposition and courtroom practice with respect to temporary and permanent orders, restraining orders, child custody evaluations, economic evaluations of marital and premarital property and businesses, and other complex issues, which must be resolved in order to fully and finally sever the marital ties.

When children are involved, divorce is often more difficult both emotionally and financially. The attorneys know your legal rights and obligations and work to resolve in a reasonable and fair manner questions about child custody, child support, visitation and other issues that affect both parent-parent and parent-child relationships.

The attorneys at Montgomery Little & Soran practicing in the field of family law are trained to lead clients through the maze of legal and social issues and to resolve disputes in a way that, to the extent possible, avoid repeated court appearances, and eliminate the need to pay more attorneys fees in the future. Our attorneys are skilled at resolving disputes by negotiation, arbitration, mediation, or trial.

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