Family Law

What You Need to Know about Parental Kidnapping

The average co-parenting relationship might have its bumps and occasional issues, but many parents are able to make decisions together in their child’s best interest. Though each might see things through a different filter, their intentions are good. Unfortunately, when things are extremely contentious between parents and one feels threatened or frightened about his or […]

As part of your separation or divorce arrangement, or in cases when parents of a child never married, a parenting plan is created. The parenting plan is a written statement regarding the care and supervision of your child or children. As per C.R.S. §14-10-124(a), parenting plans determine details concerning parenting time and take into account: […]

Family Law Protection Orders

Protection orders are a method for preventing contact between people. If a person feels threatened by someone, he or she can request a protection order from the court and the person against whom the order is filed is banned from coming within a certain distance of the protected person or from performing certain acts, such […]

Adoption is a wonderful way to expand your family and provide a child with a loving home. However, the process of adoption can be complicated. Once you decide adoption is right for you, consider speaking to an attorney that who understands the process, as well as the local laws that will affect your adoption. An […]