February 2012 – Trial

Fred Skillern and Nate Osborn teamed up once again in Park County District Court, receiving a permanent injunction in favor of an association of 140 homeowners and obtaining a decree for implied easements over historic roads based on estoppel, a general plan of development, and prescriptive use based on an intended grant. They also prevailed […]

October 2011 – Trial

Fred Skillern and Nate Osborn’s client received a verdict for $986,000 in a complex title insurance case in Colorado Springs, dealing with a title agent’s negligence and breach of its agency agreement with a national title insurance underwriter.

September 2011 Seminar

Bill Searfoorce and John Riley presented different topics at a September 30, 2011 loss prevention seminar for licensed professional engineers. Bill spoke to the engineers for several hours about liability pursuant to design contracts and minimizing liability. John’s presentation to the audience was understanding general liability insurance policies and design liability insurance policies. The attendees […]

August 2011 Trial

A Douglas County District Court entered a directed verdict at the close of plaintiff’s evidence in favor of John Riley’s client during a jury trial the week of August 29, 2011. The case involved construction defect issues for a commercial property. John represented a licensed professional.

Fred Skillern presented his update on real estate case law in a speech at the Colorado Bar Association’s 30th annual Real Estate Symposium, July 2012 in Vail. This was Fred’s 14th annual case law presentation at this gathering of Colorado’s leading real estate attorneys.

June 2011 Award of Merit

David Little was honored with the Denver Bar Association’s Award of Merit at its annual awards ceremony on June 7, 2011. The Award of Merit recognizes a member’s outstanding service and contributions made to the DBA and the legal profession. Dave Little was honored for his continuing fifty plus years as a lawyer in Colorado. […]

May 2011 Trial

A Jackson, Wyoming jury returned a verdict in favor of Chris Taravella’s client after a three day trial in May 2011 regarding engineering issues involved in the sale of a house in Jackson. The jury deliberated for 1 ½ hours prior to returning the defense verdict.

May 2011 Trial

A Douglas County Court dismissed professional negligence claims against Nate Osborn’s client at the start of trial on May 9, 2011. Nate then proceeded to trial in the same case for his other client, a lender, and the court entered a directed verdict at the close of plaintiff’s evidence in favor of Nate’s client.

Summary Judgment

A Douglas County District Court issued an Order the first week of May 2011 granting summary judgment on all claims in favor of Chris Little’s client and against the plaintiff in a professional liability case.This case was scheduled for trial on May 31, 2011.The claims dismissed alleged fraud, conspiracy and negligence.

In July 2010, several of the firm’s construction law attorneys were asked to contribute to the revised volume of The Practitioner’s Guide to Colorado Construction Law. John Riley and Bill Searfoorce authored sections of the edition of the series, published by CLE in Colorado.