If you and your child’s other parent have decision-making orders entered by the court, you will need to seek the court’s approval if you wish to make any changes. Changes in custody often need to be made because a parent moves, the relationship between the child and parent changes, or the parent seeking the change […]

Creating a parenting plan that determines when a child spends time with each parent is one of the most important aspects of a divorce. It can also be one of the most challenging because it requires working within the schedules of each parent, as well as the child(ren). The busier a family is, the tougher […]

Creating a Parenting Plan in Colorado

A parenting plan is a legal document used to guide unmarried anddivorced parents in decision-making, parenting time, and managing various childcare issues. Parenting plans in Colorado include, at a minimum: Agreement between the parties regarding parental responsibilities (decision-making); Basic schedule that reflects when the child(ren) will spend time with each parent on a regular and […]

What Happens When Divorced Parents Need to Relocate?

Families relocate all the time, but when parents are divorced and children split time between their parents’ homes, relocation can be a hotly contested issue. Though a parent might try to remain in the area to be close to his or her children, life can bring unexpected changes. If a career or military obligation, or […]

Financial issues are one of the most contentious during divorce proceedings. Understanding the laws regarding financial matters and divorce is essential if you want to protect your rights and your assets. What do you need to know? First, consider the various issues tied to financial matters in a divorce. Most financial issues fit into one […]

As part of your separation or divorce arrangement, or in cases when parents of a child never married, a parenting plan is created. The parenting plan is a written statement regarding the care and supervision of your child or children. As per C.R.S. §14-10-124(a), parenting plans determine details concerning parenting time and take into account: […]