What is the Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act?

Though it is rare, there are divorce and custody cases so volatile that a parent considers kidnapping his or her own child. Unfortunately, even when that parent believes he or she is acting in the best interest of the child, parental kidnapping is illegal and will result in a scenario far worse than whatever the […]

Are Grandparents Legally Entitled to Visitation?

Divorce and custody issues do not only affect parents and their children, they also affect other people who play an important role in a child’s life, including grandparents. Unfortunately in many families, grandparents are pushed to the sidelines and their relationships with their grandchildren damaged because of their own child’s divorce. Grandparents might also be […]

Fred Skillern and Nate Osborn each gave lively presentations at the 33rd Annual Colorado Bar Association REAL ESTATE SYMPOSIUM, held July 16-18, 2015 in Steamboat Springs. Nate Osborn spoke on “The Real Estate Bench Trial: Basic Tips, Techniques and Strategies.”  Fred Skillern gave his annual “Colorado Real Estate Case Law Update,” which you can view […]

How is Child Support Determined in Colorado?

The amount of child support payments someone must pay is often a hotly contested issue during a divorce or custody case. Even when both parents want to do right by their children, there is a tendency to question how fair or reasonable payments are when the opposing party makes the request. When an agreement cannot […]

Montgomery Little & Soran celebrates 50th Anniversary

For fifty years Montgomery Little & Soran has pursued and developed a reputation for professional excellence and has achieved a peer rating of the highest order from fellow attorneys and rating organizations, such as Martindale Hubbell.  We strive to follow the highest levels of ethical practice and professional conduct while providing the best quality of […]

What Happens When a Parent Needs to Relocate?

In an ideal world, even after divorce, families remain geographically close and it is convenient for children to see both parents despite not living in the same home. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and quite often divorced parents live in different towns or even different states. Though technology has made it easier for […]

When parents are married they are free to make decisions any way they choose as long as their children are not endangered. It is assumed family decisions will be made together and in the best interests of the children, which is also the goal once parents are divorced and the court becomes involved. Regardless of […]

Mr. Skillern was honored to receive the Richard N. Doyle CLE Award of Excellence in 2014 from the Colorado Bar Association for dedication and contributions to Colorado Bar Association CLE programs and publications.

Spousal Maintenance in Colorado

What Factors Determine the Amount and for How Long Spousal Maintenance is Paid? There is a great deal of confusion when it comes to spousal maintenance payments in divorce. Popular culture has led people to believe that spousal maintenance, sometimes called support or alimony, can be used as a punitive tool, but this is not […]

Colorado Supreme Court Decision in favor of MLS client

The Colorado Supreme Court issued a published opinion on February 9, 2015 on the Economic Loss Rule establishing new case law that commercial parties, including banking entities, must follow contracts in a construction project to enforce the parties expectations.  In this case, the Trial Court and the Colorado Court of Appeals had allowed banking entities […]