What Happens When Divorced Parents Need to Relocate?

Families relocate all the time, but when parents are divorced and children split time between their parents’ homes, relocation can be a hotly contested issue. Though a parent might try to remain in the area to be close to his or her children, life can bring unexpected changes. If a career or military obligation, or […]

Financial issues are one of the most contentious during divorce proceedings. Understanding the laws regarding financial matters and divorce is essential if you want to protect your rights and your assets. What do you need to know? First, consider the various issues tied to financial matters in a divorce. Most financial issues fit into one […]

What You Should Know about Spousal Maintenance in Colorado Spousal maintenance (also known as alimony) is the money paid to a spouse during and following a divorce if he or she is unable to provide for his or her own reasonable needs. Colorado does not offer an automatic right to long-term alimony, which means that […]

Can I Have My Marriage Annulled?

An annulment legally renders a marriage non-existent. Couples often mistakenly assume that they qualify for an annulment if their marriage was short. Unfortunately, length of marriage has nothing to do with whether or not an annulment is possible. The issue is the validity of the marriage. How can you determine if annulment is an option […]

Child support payments are often a point of contention during a divorce. Despite a parent’s desire to do what is best for his or her child, there might be concern over whether payments are fair or reasonable. If the parents don’t share a 50/50 parenting time schedule, the non-custodial parent might feel the custodial parent […]

What are the Basic Steps for Divorce in Colorado?

Though many divorces are complicated and can grow more so as spouses argue over custody, property, and other sensitive issues, the basic steps for divorce in Colorado remain the same among all marriages. If you are considering a divorce and have no idea where to begin, this overview of the process can help. The process […]

What You Need to Know about Parental Kidnapping

The average co-parenting relationship might have its bumps and occasional issues, but many parents are able to make decisions together in their child’s best interest. Though each might see things through a different filter, their intentions are good. Unfortunately, when things are extremely contentious between parents and one feels threatened or frightened about his or […]

As part of your separation or divorce arrangement, or in cases when parents of a child never married, a parenting plan is created. The parenting plan is a written statement regarding the care and supervision of your child or children. As per C.R.S. §14-10-124(a), parenting plans determine details concerning parenting time and take into account: […]

Family Law Protection Orders

Protection orders are a method for preventing contact between people. If a person feels threatened by someone, he or she can request a protection order from the court and the person against whom the order is filed is banned from coming within a certain distance of the protected person or from performing certain acts, such […]

Adoption is a wonderful way to expand your family and provide a child with a loving home. However, the process of adoption can be complicated. Once you decide adoption is right for you, consider speaking to an attorney that who understands the process, as well as the local laws that will affect your adoption. An […]